What is a beta website?

A beta is a pre-release of a website that is given out to a large group of users to try under real conditions. Beta versions have gone through in-house testing but require further testing from the user perspective. They are usually incomplete but are generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product. Design changes often occur as a result of beta testing which is often why some websites release without being fully finished.

Why release a beta website?

We want to test our websites as thouroughly as possible and within real-life settings. This enables us to gather feedback from unselected subjects with a diverse range of abilities and browsing behaviors in order to release a valuable, fit for purpose website.

How can I help?

Your feedback is important to us. Please use the red tab on the right hand side of your screen to register your feedback. You will be asked to rate your level of satisfaction before being able to input your feedback. Alternatively you may email any issues you have in using this website.

Feedback we're looking for:

  • Your opinions, do you like the new the website?
  • Broken links, or links to wrong places
  • Design errors, such as inconsistent styling, font sizes, colours, mobile or tablet layouts etc
  • Functional errors - Anything that appears broken or does not operate as you would expect it to
  • Content errors such as innacurate content, spellings or out of date information.

Feedback we're not looking for:

  • Missing content - Any content that is missing may just be waiting to be built or not included in the beta testing. We will be aware of this already
  • Imagery - Any images shown may be test imagery. Also many areas may be without imagery until it is sourced.